Multiplier Event in Bulgaria

FotografiaThe multiplier event was organized on 20th October 2021 in Burgas by PGMEE in order to reach the target groups to be involved in the project piloting phase; to promote the project results achieved, to go on with the information collected on the project target groups, to investigate the familiarity with the technology applied to the teaching and learning and to involve some of them in the project.
 It also promoted:
  • intellectual output O1 - Framework to integrate new technologies in adult education through project-based learning;
  • intellectual output O2 - Promoting digital skills for classes 2.0 development in adult education.
The target group were teachers and students, adult learners from Burgas schools as well as other people interested in the project, its goals and activities.
A total of 47 people attended the event and they received a brochure in Bulgarian